Even the happiest and closest of couples fall into a rut every now and then. Here now, courtesy of Woman's Day, are some common relationship ruts and what you can do to break out of them:

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  • Rut #1: You always have the same date night. Do you do dinner and a movie EVERY time you have a date night? Change it up -- go to a concert, museum or art gallery. Or ship the kids off to a friend or family member's house and stay in for date night. Make dinner together, then pop in a movie neither of you has seen before.
  • Rut #2: You're always arguing. If you bicker back and forth a lot, you're probably paying more attention to negatives than positives. Instead of looking for things to nitpick about, try harder to notice and compliment the positives in each other.
  • Rut #3: You forget affection. Keep romance alive by touching every day. It doesn't have to be sexy. A warm hug or shoulder rub goes a long way.