FIVE FEMALE FACEBOOK FRIENDS OF HIS YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT: Facebook can be the enemy of a new relationship. But here, according to the romance experts at Glamour, are five girls you don't have to worry about your guy being Facebook friends with ...

  • His ex(es) -- As long as she's not a psycho, think of it as a good way for her to see how happy he is with his new girl. That would be you!
  • The girl he dated before you -- It may sting a little to see a super-recent ex on the list, but it's good to "keep your enemies close." The exception: If she’s always leaving super-flirty messages on his wall.
  • His co-workers -- There's no problem with this, unless they hang out more than co-workers normally do.
  • His friends' girlfriends -- His friend is in a relationship and so is the girl, so chill.
  • His friends, who happen to be girls -- Don't over-think this unless he gives you a good reason to.

    Source: Glamour