WHAT NOT TO GET HER FOR CHRISTMAS - AS HEARD ON MIKE AND TRICIA: The holiday season can be very stressful for guys when it comes to gift giving. What to buy, how much to spend, what kind of message the gift may be sending, and whether or not she'll like it are some of the things that goes through a guy’s head. So here to help you a bit are some things you should NOT give your girlfriend via the Guyism website ( And your Uncle Mikey's first hand experience!):

  • Workout Equipment -- You may have the best of intentions, but she'll take it to mean that you think she's fat. Even if she's told you how much she'd love to have a treadmill, don't do it! And that goes for a gym membership, as well. No matter how high end the gym may be!
  • Any Kitchen Appliance -- Again, you're sending the wrong message here.
  • Clothes -- A definite no-no. You'll mess up the size or just get her something she hates.
  • Gift Certificates -- Sure, she'll use it, but it will just make you look clueless, thoughless, and lame. Although a gift certificate to a store you know she loves shopping at DOES make for a great stocking stuffer.

LISTEN below to what some of our 17 listeners said was the worst Christmas present their man ever gave them, then hit up the comment box below and tell us about the worst Christmas present he's ever given you. And 'nothing' is not an acceptable answer!