IF HE'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE MAYBE IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: It’s happened to many a woman: Mr. Right walks in, and bam! You’re picturing a walk down the aisle. But it's a fantasy for a reason. There's a difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Too Good to Be True. Here are some signs that he's Too Good To Be True ...

1. He's perfect. Hopefully this guy is a keeper, but if he's too perfect he might be playing a part and overcompensating.

2. He's hot, then he's cold. We all need our space, but a guy who is all-in one day and checked-out the next is probably not as committed as he might seem or you might want him to be.

 3. Other people speak negatively about him. No, the people around you don't know how special what you have is, or what he's like when you're alone but they also care about you so listen to what they have to say, even if you don't 100-percent agree.

4. When confronted with conflicts, he runs. Um, if he runs, you should too -- in the other direction. If you call someone out and they don't take responsibility for their own actions, heed the red flag and cut him loose.