I've noticed in the seven years living here in El Paso, that some do but most don't. What am I talking about? Stopping at stop signs and red lights.

Not a hard concept to grasp, but for a few of you out there, your feet and brain aren't on the same wavelength. These signs didn't just pop out of nowhere. Stop signs are there for exactly that reason -- STOP! Not to spin wheels on the pavement.

If I had a dollar for every time I've been almost been creamed by some moron who either is running late or is just that -- a "moron" -- I'd be a very rich man. Think of the repercussions, if you hit another vehicle or pedestrian you will not collect two hundred dollars and pass 'Go.' Instead you'll be facing a hefty fine or possibly jail time. So please, take the time to STOP!

Allow me to offer this refresher for you:

  1. The brake pedal is the wide one on the left side.
  2. Green means 'go,' and red means 'stop.' Stop signs are also red, and this is not a coincidence.
  3. If you're color blind and struggle with red and green, remember, the red light is the one on top or all the way to the left. There are no green stop signs, so feel free to assume that you should stop at all of them.
  4. 'Stopping' is that time when your car is not moving at all. It feels weird sometimes, but you get used to it.
  5. When people are in the middle of the road, remember that life is not a video game, and you don't get points for all the ones you hit. In real life, people get hurt and/or die, and nobody levels up.