We've been searching for great Anti-Bully essays, and we received TONS of them, thank you! So many people are on board with preventing bullying, and we really appreciate it! We offered $500 for great Anti-Bully Essays, and the winners have been chosen.

We have found El Paso’s Anti Bullies thanks to the Regional Children’s Hospital at Providence!

3rd – 5th Grade:

Nathan Archer is the winner in this category!

6th – 8th Grade

Katherine Rodriguez is the winner in this category!

9th – 12th Grade

Shanaya Fastje is the winner in this category!

  • Nathan Archer


    My name is Nathan. I have seen on the playground bullying. I got with my dad and gave an idea to the school. I asked them to have volunteer children at the school watch during lunch for bullies. They would wear t-shirts that I can get donated saying Anti Bully Patrol. Their job is to report bullies. The fourth grade patrol could watch the first and third grade, and the sixth grade could watch the fourth to sixth grade. The eighth grade could watch the sixth grade. We would have small gifts for others reporting to the patrol secretly. I have free gold passes and other small gifts that an eighth grade court could vote on who gets a reward for reporting. Reporting stays a secret so they don’t get bullied. The court can decide on punishment like trash pick up after a trail. I gave this to the school. Desert Middle, they are deciding on the program. I plan to give some of the contest money back to buy gifts for the plan.

  • Katherine Rodriguez


    What is courage? Courage isn’t jumping off a cliff or riding a roller coaster without your hands on the bar. Courage is something brave we do, such as preventing bullying. Bullies may seem big, tough and mean, but they really aren’t. It’s not right that the strong pick on the weak and this is what bullies do. One day when I was going to my PE class, I saw an older boy kicking my classmate’s backpack. At first I was scared because he was bigger than me, but I saw my classmate’s fear, so I went up to him and told him to stop kicking the backpack or I was going to tell a teacher, and he did. That’s when I learned that standing up to bullies isn’t hard, but keeping in mind that there may be times that alone we can’t do it and we will need to seek help from someone else. We don’t need to be a bully to feel powerful and feared. All we need is just to be ourselves. If you want to help prevent bullying then it’s time to make a stand and together say no to bully. We all deserve to be respected.

  • Shanaya Fastje

    WINNER : 9th-12th grade category

    I am 12 years old and in the 11th grade because I was promoted many times in public schools. I started my anti0bully program when I educated myself on bullying for a year. From there, I wrote a curriculum went all over El Paso and taught kids how to deal with bullying. I taught 2 hour work shops or entire school events on anti-bullying. To this day it is documented helping saved five kids lives from suicide. These kids had already tried or contemplated suicide before because of sever bullying. Today, I have spoken to over 85,000 people and was awarded by President Obama. I have never won any money of any kind, in fact I have spent hundreds on copies of my program for kids, we are not rich and have struggled financially but I care enough to find ways to keep doing it. In January I will be visiting Zavala school probably one of the poorest schools, I visited with them a few hours in October and was invited back like many schools have requested in the past. I am the face for helping change bullying, and would use the money to help more kids.