Personally I am not very big on New Years Resolutions, so I try and do things a little differently. Every six months I start a project to try and better myself or my community. Therefore I decided to implement something called, "Random Acts of Kindness." This idea isn't exclusive or original to me, ideas such as this have been floating around the internet for a while.However, I do encourage people to implement this same kind of idea into your life. Instead of this being a temporary thing, I decided I wanted to make this a lifestyle change because kindness never goes out of style. So here are some ideas to get you started.


  • 1

    Hold The Door Open

    This first idea is easy, free and something you can start with immediately. HOLD THE DOOR OPEN FOR SOMEONE. There have been too many times I have seen moms struggling to open the door because they are struggling with babies and car seats or students bogged down with laptops, books and coffee . Next time look back before you scurry out the door.

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    Thank You Cards

    Feeling under appreciated and overwhelmed seems to be a reoccurring feeling for most. Can you remember the last time someone said, Thanks for doing that. Exactly. So next time you are out picking up groceries don't forget to snag some inexpensive Thank You Cards. You can leave these in the mailbox for your mailman, your barista at Starbucks that always gets your iced coffee just right, or even a family member. You will be surprised at how much they will appreciate you and your thoughtful gesture.

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    The Drive-Thru

    I worked at Starbucks many years ago and I frequently worked the drive thru in the mornings. One of my favorite things that my customers would do was pay for the car behind them. The look on the customers face when I told them their bill had been taken care of was priceless. This doesn't have to be just at Starbucks you can do this in the line at the grocery store or even at the DMV. Let the person behind you cut in front.

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    Grab A Snack

    This is one of my personal favorites. Grab a sandwich bag and dump in all that change you have laying around. Then tape the bag to a vending machine in your office or on campus with a note that says, Grab a Snack. You can hide around the corner and wait if you want to see the look on someones face when they read the note.


  • 5

    Pay It Forward

    If a Random Act of Kindness has been bestowed upon you, don't forget to Pay It Forward. It keeps the positivity and awesomeness flowing.