One of the most popular movies shown during the Plaza Classic Film Festival is the Rocky Horror Picture Show, it is also a movie that one family said was inappropriate and should not have been shown in public at San Jacinto Plaza.

The movie was shown on Saturday at 9 p.m., and during the screening, the Chihuahuas game ended and families with kids walked through the park. The movie was shown for free and could be seen and heard throughout San Jacinto, something a family who spoke to ABC-7 said should not have happened.

The El Paso Community Foundation, who puts on the Plaza Classic Film Festival, said in the eight years they have screened the Rocky Horror Picture Show, they've never had a complaint, but did say traditionally it is shown in places that are less visible from city streets.

On KVIA's Facebook, many said kids should not have been up at that hour, but families routinely stay until the end of the Chihuahuas games for fireworks sometimes past 10 p.m. I love the Plaza Classic Film Festival, but maybe the Rocky Horror Picture Show should be screened somewhere other than San Jacinto where families often spend summer nights.