After weeks of talking about the Great Purse Giveaway the contest has finally come and gone. Its always a weird feeling for me when one of our big promotions comes to an end. Its kinda like waiting for weeks on end for xmas then realizing the day after that its over and you have to wait a whole other year for the anticipation and excitement to build again.  I don't think its fair that after all that build up, you only get one day of actual holiday (I take it I'm not talking about the purse giveaway anymore, but x-mas now).  Anyhow, for those who did win a purse and some awesome prizes - congrats! For those of you who didn't - sorry. On the bright side, I'm positive that the purse giveaway will come back again next year so you can always try again! Peace out! Ha ha, just kidding I'm not really a "peace out" kinda guy - instead I'll say talk to you soon!