In what most are calling a surprising victory, El Paso voters approved all three Quality of Life bond propositions yesterday.

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Prop. 1 passed 72 - 27%. It includes parks, recreation, open spaces, and zoo improvements at a cost of $245 million dollars. Other improvements will go toward soccer/sports fields, pools, senior citizen centers and community centers.

Prop. 2 passed 69 - 30%. it means $228 million dollars will go to fund museums, cultural and performing arts, library facilities, and a 17 thousand seat arena.

Prop. 3, by far the most controversial of the three propositions passed 58 - 41%. The City now has the go-ahead to designate the downtown El Paso ballpark a sports and community venue project, and raise the Hotel tax 2%. The HOT tax will go toward funding 73% of the ballpark.

City officials had said the ballpark will be built no matter what the outcome of the election.



ABC 7 spoke to Rick Horrow, who spearheaded the drive for the bonds:

They also spoke to Stephanie Townsend Allala, who was against all three bonds:

We spoke with Stephanie Townsend Allala and Steve Ortega earlier this week about the bond election, and city government in general.

So, now that the election is over, tell us what you think: