Susan Patton graduated from Princeton in 1977, and has two sons who attend the university.  Recently, she wrote a letter to female students of Princeton and told them, sure, college is great, but use your time to find a hubby or you'll wind up with someone who's too stupid to make you happy.

'Advice For The Young Women Of Princeton' was published last week in the university's newspaper, and in it, Patton said because women have a 'shelf life', the female students should "find a husband on campus before you graduate".

Patton goes on to say that out in the real world, smart girls like the ones from Princeton, will only find buffoons and mental midgets.  Patton said she wished she had married someone from her alma mater, but instead, she hooked up with some moron who wasn't smart enough to satisfy her collossal intellect.  They're divorced.  I'm shocked.

You can read the whole letter by Queen of the Smarty Pants, Susan Patton, and then decide if she is sexist for saying something stupid like women have 'shelf lives', as though we are a container of yogurt that might curdle at any moment, or if she is an elitist who should have gone to a charm school to get rid of her 'you poor peasants' attitude after she graduated from Princeton!

Here she is 'splaining herself on CNN: