The Magic Pan, a restaurant that had been feeding westsiders for 20 years, closed it's doors this weekend.  But, when one door closes, sometimes, that same door opens back up!

When I posted on the Mike and Tricia facebook page that the Magic Pan had closed, there were a lot of comments from disappointed listeners.  But fear not, Magic Pan-ners, you'll soon have the chance to feed your face on their patio once more! monsisvais

Brothers Michael and John Becker, and Sonny Patel, have teamed up to reopen the Magic Pan under the name, The Magic Bistro.  They bought everything but the name from the Magic Pan's owner, Annette Lawrence.

Word is The Magic Bistro will be open within the next 2 weeks at 5034 Doniphan, in the same location as The Magic Pan.  The 20 employees who used to work at The Magic Pan will also be rehired by the Beckers and Patel.

Welcome back, Magic (Pan) Bistro!