Kids in need got a helping hand from an El Paso-based mattress company, and it will make their school days a lot more comfortable.

The El Paso Herald Post reports that Popular Mattress answered the call from Ramona Garcia, the nurse at El Dorado High School, to help relieve the suffering of the school's special needs students. Garcia said earlier this week, Popular Mattress donated 10 specially-made mattress pads of different shapes and sizes to fit recliners, flat beds, and other furniture that are used by the students. The mattress pads will help prevent skin sores and are made of a material that will be easy to clean.

Garcia said she "gave thanks to God and to Tony Flores and his boss who have made this possible. They are my heroes.”

We are so happy that the students at El Dorado High School will be more comfortable during their school day. Well done, Popular Mattress!