Pope Benedict held his final general audience today at the Vatican in preparation for his final day as the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.  He said that he felt that sometimes, quote, "The Lord was sleeping" during his time as Pope.

Benedict is the first pope in six hundred years to voluntarily step down.  Being Pope is usually considered to be a 'til death do us part' type deal.  But Benedict said his failing health and desire to do what he felt is best for the Church is what led him to resign his post.

A lot of people point to the visible decline of Pope John Paul, and ultimately, his death while he still served as Pope, as what Benedict should be doing.  He says he can better serve the Church in prayer.  I don't know if that's true - I hope it is - but, clearly, if the man doesn't want to be the voice of God on Earth so badly that he does something that hasn't been done in six centuries, is this the guy we want guiding over a billion Roman Catholics?

I pray God guides the Cardinals in their decision on the new Pope.  Here is Pope Benedict's final English portion of his last general audience: