Okay so I'm guilty of running around singing Madonna songs and wanting to be Britney Spears as I grew up.  Now my taste in music has changed and you will still catch me singing pop songs but I sometimes think to myself, WHAT WAS I DOING!

My mother thought it was hilarious that I sang along to "Like a Virgin"  in our car when I was younger. Now that I know the meaning behind the song, I wonder why she didn't stop me since that was kind of mature for my age and Madonna wasn't seen as the greatest role model.

Many artist have been criticized for not being proper role models for young kids but should parents allow their kids to idolize these artist?

LisaAuch, Flickr

Lady Gaga was criticized recently by a politician on Monday for being a horrible role model for his daughters after she was seen smoking a joint on stage during a concert in Amsterdam. I know, it's shocking that Lady Gaga is being questioned as a role model...


I do love Lady Gaga and Katy Perry but that doesn't mean I'm going to go out and buy a meat dress. I was Katy Perry with a working whipped cream top for Halloween two years ago but it wasn't a everyday thing.

In my opinion I think it falls on parents to monitor what their children are watching and listening to in order to show them what is or isn't appropriate for them to imitate. Yes, there is a certain point where artist do need to be public figures but we all know scandal sells.