House music fans found out the hard way that when poop happens, concerts get canceled.

DJ Steve Aoki was supposed to play at The Buchanans Event Center in east El Paso last night, but a problem with the venue's sewer lines was determined to be a health hazard, so the concert was canceled. Fans say the event wasn't canceled until midnight, and for a while it looked like the show was going to go on, but Aoki said he was stopped from doing so.

This is one time you don't need the media to tell you what went down - Aoki's tweets tell the story.

Around midnight, Aoki took to Twitter again to tweet his disappointment at the show's cancellation:


Aoki was determined to play, so he asked the Twitterverse if there was a venue he could use:

Finally, a venue was found, and he joked about poop happening:

But their excitement was shortlived. The second concert was shut down as well:

There is no word on whether The Buchanans will offer refunds on the original Aoki concert. I'm sure we'll find out via Twitter if they do.