Have you ever wondered how stars manage to look so good all the time?  Is it hours spent in the gym?  Do they use some secret skin cleanser or moisterizer?  Maybe they have a super diet that only celebs know about?

Nah.  They have Photoshop by Adobe!

There is a Youtube video that has gone viral that makes fun of those cosmetic ads that make every woman out there feel like a failure and a cow.  The guy who made the video says he realized one night while watching one of those ads that the before and after pictures had nothing to do with the cosmetic being advertised, but everything to do with Photoshop.  So he put this video together to show just how ridiculous it is to believe any beauty ad because they are all photoshopped to within an inch of their lives.

This isn't the first time Photoshop has been targeted.  An ad featuring Taylor Swift was pulled after the cosmetic company was accused of using too much photoshop in it.  People even love to highlight Photoshop mistakes - these are highlarious!

So what do you think of Photoshop?