With several major construction projects currently underway in west El Paso, traffic conditions have become more unpredictable than the mood swings in a room full of women.

But a program launched by District 1 representative Peter Svarzbein is hoping to ease the frustration motorists on that side of town deal with on a daily basis.

Svarzbein has unveiled the Text Message Traffic Alert System which aims to keep commuters informed by providing text message alerts designed to deliver important and timely information. The area-specific messages will notify drivers of traffic accidents, backups, and other aggregated traffic information pertaining to west El Paso.

Those who wish to sign up for the notifications simply text “westside traffic” to 781-728-9542 (all lowercase letters).

Construction is expected to last at least another three years, so it might not be a bad idea to opt in -- especially since the service is free. (If you pay for individual text messages, know that standard rates apply).