It was the dress that divided our country. But thanks to The Ellen DeGeneres Show our long, national nightmare is finally over. Ellen had the people behind the dress photo that caused intense online debate and blew up the Internet on her show to explain the whole thing.

It turns out it all started because a Scottish couple named Grace MacPhee and Keir Johnson are getting married, and Grace's mom couldn’t decide which dress to wear for the wedding. So she sent Grace photos of three dresses she was considering, one of them being the now famous blue and black dress.

But to Grace the dress was white and gold. Kier, the fiancé, saw it as blue and black. So a friend of Grace’s posted the pic on social media, and next thing you know an Internet phenomenon was born.

Hear the story first hand from everyone involved, including the mom -- who showed up wearing the actual dress -- in the video above. Spoiler Alert: it’s not white and gold. What are you, blind?