The Pope's visit next month is generating a lot of buzz, and a lot of it is from out-of-towners who need someplace to stay while they're in town. The El Paso Diocese says they are getting calls from people as far away as Brooklyn, New York, about the visit on Feb. 17, and they wouldn't be surprised if as many as a million people showed up to see the pontiff.

Where would all those people stay? Well, if you type "Pope" into the Cruces or El Paso Craigslist search bar, you'll see people who are will to rent a room to people coming to the Borderland. The Diocese says it's helping out-of-town clergy find rooms, but visitors are on their own.

One of those people is offering a room on the westside for three days that has wi-fi, a full kitchen, television, gym equipment, game room, laundry and a tiled backyard for $750. Craigslist might not be the most reliable of places to find a room, but visitors might be willing to risk it for the chance to get a glimpse of the Pope.