A South Dakota womanis auctioning off a Chicken McNugget that she says -- and I must concur -- looks very much like ‘The Father of Our Country’, George Washington. She bought the McNugget about three years ago, but decided not to eat it when she was struck by how much it looked like our first president. Inspired by a church sermon, she now wants to sell it for charity. As of right now, the McNugget is up to a little over $200


"World's Shortest Man" is smaller Than a Car Tire or a Two-Year-Old: There’s a new contender for the title of ‘World’s Shortest Man’. He's a 72-year-old from western Nepal who stands 22.56 inches. To put it in perspective, that makes him shorter than the average car tire, two-year-old kid, TV, fire hydrant, and skateboard.