The mayor and city reps could receive a pay bump starting in 2017 if the Ad-Hoc City Charter Advisory Committee agrees with the recommendation from one of its members to increase their compensation.

Committee member James Montoya is proposing that the mayor's annual base salary be increased from $45,000 to $55,000, and Council members’ pay go from $29,000 a year to $39,000. Montoya told the El Paso Times the increases are needed in order to attract a more diverse field of candidates "besides retirees and people who are independently wealthy” in future elections.

If the committee concurs, it will be presented to City Council who will then decide to move forward with their recommendation or not. If council agrees with the suggestion, the pay raises would likely be put before voters in November.

City Council created the Ad Hoc Charter Advisory Committee comprised of members of the public to work with them to review and make recommendations on potential City Charter amendments for a Charter election. Council can accept or reject any of the advisory committee's recommendations.

El Pasoans voted against giving city reps a raise the last time a charter election was held in 2013.