It's not secret that I'm a big fan of the ballpark, but I'm not a fan of a proposed parking fee for people who live and work in the neighborhood where the ballpark has been built. It's the Old San Francisco area of downtown El Paso, and a new proposed parking fee will do nothing but pick the pockets of residents there to the tune of up to 200 dollars.


Parking downtown has always been an issue, even without the ballpark, but with El Paso Chihuahua fans jockeying for parking spaces with downtown residents and people who work downtown, things are going to get even crazier. City Council wants to charge residents who park on West Missouri and Coldwell streets $30 per car per year to park there, and $200 for a second car. That, my friends, is a money grab.

City Council should charge $10 for a parking permit for people who live downtown, no matter how many cars they have. Why should they be punished because they have more than one car? Is that second car heavier and bigger, therefore making it necessary to charge $200 for the permit?

Seriously, City Council, what is the reason behind jacking people up for $200 for parking a second car? Don't you guys have second cars? How would you like to be punished for that?

It's wrong, and if you think this is wrong, call your City Council member. Here's how to reach them:

Email the City at

Call your City Council members at Just click on the individual picture of the Mayor or City Reps, and you will get a contact link.