Pam Oliver nearly gets run over by the Ohio State marching band while doing a live segment on Fox Sports, but that isn’t the first time she’s had a bit of bad luck on the sideline.

Sports reporter Pam Oliver was the victim of a really badly thrown pass, and a doofus who stood by and watched as she got clocked by a football to the face.  Turns out, she had a hellacious concussion from that football, so she had to take some time off to recover.  Yesterday was her first day back at work, and lets just say, it didn't go smoothly.

Last month, Indianapolis Colts quarterback apparently mistook Pam for a receiver and threw a perfect spiral right at her.  If you haven't seen this video, I'm going to warn you, it is graphic and really tough to watch:

Why nobody warned her that that pass was headed straight for her is a mystery, but as you can see, she actually kept on working.  Later on, however, she had to take a few weeks off after it was determined that she had a concussion.

During yesterday's Fox NFL pregame show, Pam was back at work doing a live shot when this happened:

Poor Pam!!!  I think they're going to need to get that girl a helmet of her own!