There are certain things in life that I cannot live without – Like Diet Coke and Doritos!

I am a huge fan of both, so the other day I got curious and thought how many Doritos flavors are out there? To my amazement there are over 100 flavors that Doritos makes. But not all flavors can be found in the states, most are overseas especially in Asia.

Check out some of the interesting flavors that I came across:

Butter and Soy Sauce

Cheese and Almond

Coconut Curry

Crispy Salmon


Fried Chicken

Italian Seafood

Roasted Turkey

Sausage and Beer


Shrimp Mayo

Tuna Mayo

Winter Crab

Yogurt and Mint

    Find a full list and pictures of all Doritos flavors here:

    Seriously, these are just some of the non-traditional flavors that Doritos offers worldwide. I would love to get my hands on Fondue flavor but not so thrilled about Sausage and Beer!

    Either way I still love my Doritos and if you were wondering Nacho Cheese is my ultimate favorite!

    What’s yours?

    Care for some Curry & T-Bone Steak Doritos?


    Or what about Anchovy and Garlic Doritos?