Our upcoming That 70s Party (it's Friday, can you believe it?!?) got us in the groove of the 70s. With some much 70s talk flying around here, we started thinking of our favorite toys from the 70s. Here's some of our favorites! Did you have any of them?

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    Shrinky Dinks

    Remember these? Shrinky Dinks were first introduced in 1973. Shrinky Dinks were a craft you put in the oven and they shrank (obviously.)

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    Sit 'n Spin

    It probably wasn't the safest toy, but the Sit 'n Spin sure was a lot of fun. The toy was pretty self-explanatory. You sat and spun. Kinda like we do in our office chairs when no one's looking.

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    Holly Hobbie

    We loved our Holly Hobbie doll. Holly Hobbie dolls first starting coming out in 1974 based on a character in books.

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    The 70s wouldn't have been the 70s without the Atari and Pong. We lost countless hours watching that ball go back and forth. Video games sure have come a long way, huh?

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    Punch Me's

    Punch Me's gave kids a way to get that aggression out, without beating up their younger brothers. And they came in the shapes of cartoon characters. What was better than that?