You often hear Oscar nominees say "its an honor just to be nominated". Well, now we know why! Sources are telling us that the list of gifts Oscar nominees are set to recieve is outrages. Even by Hollywood standards. The total worth of the "gift bag" is about $50,000. Yes, you heard correctly. $50,000 in products and services, just for being nominated for a Oscar. Not a bad day's pay! Here is JUST a sample reportedly to be in the gift bag.

  • Best of Vegas Tour Package ($9,000)
  • Tour of Japan ($15,000)
  • Rocky Mountaineer Train Trip ($4,000)
  • Stay at the Imanta Mexico Resort ($3,000)
  • Koala Landing Resort Stay in Kauai ($2,000)
  • Max Martin Shoes ($750)
  • Steamist Home Spa System ($2,500)
  • Jetseu Handbags ($279)
  • Narrative Clip Camera ($279)
  • Halo Natural Pet Food ($6,100)

As if the rich needed free stuff! The Oscars take place on March 2, 2014 on ABC!

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