The eternal debate of whether toilet paper should hang "over" or "under" has been solved, although maybe not necessarily settled.

It’s a topic that mankind has disagreed on probably since its invention; which is the right way to hang the toilet paper roll? Over, so that the toilet paper squares hang to the front, or in the "under" position with the squares rolling from the back?

93.1 KISS-FM listener Nayeli Lopez prefers it over. Lopez commented on our Facebook page that “over” is the way to go because “you can find the end of it right away.” On the flip side, Shadia Brown makes the argument for under. “You can control the square tearing better,” she wrote.

Well, tech writer Owen Williams may have put an end to the debate. Williams recently dug up the original patent for the toilet paper an inventor named Seth Wheeler submitted in 1891. In the patent drawing that accompanied his paperwork, the roll hangs … drum roll, please


Whaaa??? Sorry, but, like his invention, Wheeler is full of crap. Team Under Forever!