The nationwide organization Operation Kidsafe is coming to El Paso December 21. Take out your child and get them safe!

Operation Kidsafe is coming to El Paso Saturday December, 21! The organization will be set up at Shamaley Ford at 11301 Gateway Boulevard West. From 10am - 6pm you can take your children for FREE digital fingerprint and safety programs.

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Here is how it works, Operation Kidsafe captures your kids fingerprints using a video capturing device, digital ink-less fingerprints! The captured data is arranged and printed out onto a 8 x 10 sized printout and is given to the parent. These are then kept by parents for records and in the case of an emergency, their child's prints will be taken and preserved. The parent can use the printout the receive to provide law enforcement information at anytime and anywhere in the world. Don't miss this opportunity to get your child safe with a digital fingerprint and photograph! The printout is not put into a data base and will only be for the parents safe keeping.

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