Las Cruces residents, or anywhere for that matter, are encouraged to start using an online tracking system to help recover stolen or lost property.

LeadsOnline is a company that offers the ReportIt tracking system, and in March 2015, they helped the Las Cruces Police Department identify several rightful owners of lost and stolen property. Now, the police department is encouraging as many people as possible to register their valuables.

LeadsOnline and ReportIt allow police to track valuable property through serial numbers and return it to the rightful owners. They scan a national database of items that have been recovered or sold at secondhand dealers, pawn shops or recycle centers. ReportIt is a free system that lets residents store serial numbers, item descriptions and pictures so property can be easily identified in the event of theft or if it is lost.

In other words, you store your info in ReportIt, and if it gets stolen, you have LeadsOnline track it down for you.

A Las Cruces city ordinance requires pawn shops and recycling centers to report any new and used property to LeadsOnline. This makes it so much easier to spot stolen items in a seizure.