The annual Ft. Bliss Oktoberfest was to be cancelled for good.  Thankfully, now we're not going to miss a single year!

Fort Bliss Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) have announced that they will continue the annual Oktoberfest celebration.  Presented every year since the early '70s by the German Air Force, last years Oktoberfest was going to be the last one due to the unit being dismantled.

Peeps from here to Alamogordo were practically weeping at the thought of losing this annual cultural celebration/party.  Every year it brought tons of authentic German foods and products, along with .. of course .. gallons and gallons of German beer!

It seemed it was all over, but now MWR says they will continue this awesome party themselves, with the help and advice of remaining German personnel and retired German folks now living in El Paso.  Cheer up Borderland, the party's back!!

Not only has it been saved, it's moving to an even bigger location; Biggs Park.  Now as many as 2,500 Oktoberfest-ers per day can enjoy the food, the fun and the brew!  This years  dates will be September 19th - 21st.

For more info, visit the MWR facebook page or call (915) 568-6741.