You just HAD to eat more healthy foods, didn't you?  Would it have KILLED you to buy a box or dozen of Twinkies?  Well, I hope you're happy because Hostess Brands, the angels who make Twinkies, is bankrupt!

Ok, ok, simmer down.  Yes, Hostess has filed for bankruptcy protection, but it's the second time since 2004.  Company officials say price increases in sugar, flour, and all the other magic ingredients that go into the fluffy, creme-filled cakes of wonder, as well as that damned healthy living you all seem to be intent on, has left them with huge debt and not a lot of assets.

Well, I think all you people who rush off to the gym after work, before work, on your lunch hour, had better get your fannies to your local grocery store and BUY TWINKIES!  It's your civic duty, dangit!

I mean who could resist these little pillows of heaven?