Next Tuesday, 93.1 KISS FM is hosting A Taste of Home Coooking School at Grace Gardens. You can check out all the details and buy tickets at There are other locations around town where you can pick up tickets. A complete list of those sites is on our website as well.

But Tricia, you say, I already know how to cook. Well, so do I, but I can't wait for Tuesday for the same reason I watch the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. I love to learn new stuff! Cooking is all about applying techniques to ingredients, it's that simple. But where do you go to learn the techniques? A recipe, a lot of times, looks complicated and it might get put in a drawer without you ever trying to cook it. But Tuesday night, the experts from Taste of Home magazine will show us how to whip up Bacon and Cheese Scones! And Upside Down Banana French Toast! And COOKIE DOUGH TRUFFLES!!!!!! They'll show us how to take every day ingredients you have in your kitchen and turn them into showstopping goodies for your family! And you'll get all the credit!

Now, could I check out the recipes and do them myself? Maybe. But I love to see someone run through a recipe who has cooked it before. They turn a page of printed instructions into a party in the kitchen! How do you turn flour, bacon, and cheese into Bacon and Cheese Scones? Come to Grace Gardens on Tuesday and find out! Don't know how to cook a banana without making it banana moosh and ruining your Upside Down Banana French Toast? You'll find out Tuesday night at a Taste of Home Cooking School!

We'll have fun, get a chance to sample some delicious offerings from El Paso restaurants like Dominic's Italian Restaurant and learn how to make dishes that will WOW your family and friends! So come out to Grace Gardens and learn how to create some magic in the kitchen with a Taste of Home Cooking School!