Everyone scoffed at the people who told us the world was going to end.  They laughed and said the Mayan's just ran out of stone tablets, that's why their calendars ran out.  They guffawed and said there was no reason to stock up on PopTarts and water because December 21st was going to come and go without an apocalypse.  Well, who's laughing now?

According to Britain's National Pig Association - yes, there is such a thing - pig production has fallen across the globe because of bad corn and soybean harvests.  If they can't feed the little porkers, they can't fatten them up, and that means A BACON-OPALYPSE!

You neeeeeeeeed bacon to make spaghetti carbonara, and warm spinch salad with bacon dressing, and meatloaf wrapped in bacon, and BLT's FOR GOD'S SAKE! 

Just in case you think the English are the only ones worried about a bacon shortage, check out this link from the USDA about how our own pig farmers are backing off their bacon production!

Before we all have bacon withdrawls, watch this video on how to make bacon in brown sugar!  You thought bacon on it's own is fabulous?  Check this out!