I hate to disappoint, but it ain't happening.

Maybe you've heard the gossip, or one of your friends shared a Facebook post declaring In-n-Out Burger has seen the light and is finally going to open a restaurant on the west side -- somewhere on North Mesa, presumably -- well, sorry, but it just isn't true.

"Rumors floating around about us coming to El Paso...are not accurate," wrote Carl Van Fleet, Vice President of Planning and Development for In-n-Out Burger, in response to an email I sent him inquiring about the social media speculation. He added: "We are not currently looking to expand into El Paso. While we hope to get there someday, we grow pretty slowly at In-N-Out Burger and El Paso is not part of our current growth plans."

So there you go. Although the franchise continues to grow throughout Texas, most recently opening locations in New Braunfels and Waco, the state's 4th largest city, will remain without for the foreseeable future.