Here's a warning:  This is NOT a story if you've got a weak stomach.  Or really sensitive nipples.

Back in December, 46-year-old Amilia Oveide of Las Cruces, New Mexico was drunk.  Her son and his wife were with her, and all three had been drinking heavily.

Amilia started arguing with her son, and things got intense.  So her son's wife, 30-year-old Marie Cadney, stepped in to separate them. And Amilia reacted by getting PHYSICAL with her daughter-in-law.  Amilia grabbed Marie's RIGHT BREAST...and TWISTED! Aaahhhh! In the process she RIPPED OFF MARIE'S NIPPLE. Marie needed several surgeries to get it reattached.

Well, earlier this week Amilia took a plea for aggravated battery.  She'll pay all $10,000 of Marie's medical bills...but avoid ANY jail time. Talk about good ol' family gatherings! I love my hometown :) lol