This should come as a big surprise to, well, absolutely no one; the NFL is supporting their replacement refs -- even if just about everyone on the planet thinks they made the wrong call at the conclusion of Monday night’s Green Bay-Seattle game.

The league issued a statement yesterday refusing to overturn the on-field ruling, basically saying the call wasn't as bad as it looked, and that the review of the on-field call was correct.

They did, however, concede that Seattle receiver Golden Tate should have been called for offensive pass interference for shoving a Green Bay defender in the back and knocking him to the ground. Had that call been made, it would have ended the game with a Packers' victory.

On a related note, on the heels of the Lingerie Football League’s revelation that they fired some of the refs calling games in the National Football League for being incompetent, ESPN is reporting that the ref who made the ‘Fail Mary’ call works as an executive for Bank of America, and he has no relevant experience as a referee.

According to the sports network, he only officiated games at the high school and junior college levels, where the rules are different and the players are much smaller and slower.

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