TWO, FOUR, SIX, EIGHT OLDEST CHEERLEADER ALMOST THIRTY EIGHT: The Oakland Raiders have picked their new cheerleading squad for the upcoming NFL season, and one of them is a GILF!! 37 year old Susie Sanchez - a mother of three, and a grandmother of one – has always wanted to be an NFL cheerleader but until this year always got cut. She's tried out five of the last six years!

And although according to the Raiderettes she's the only grandma cheerleader in the NFL, she's not the oldest cheerleader. That honor goes to 42 year old Laura Vikmanis who cheers for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Laura tried out for the team after her husband left her for a younger woman three years ago. She didn't make it then, so she kept working out and made it the following year, at age 40.