A 23-year-old New Mexico man used a guitar and a microwave to fatally beat his friend to death because he thought his friend was turning into a zombie.

Albuquerque's KOAT-TV reports that Damon Perry and his buddy, Christopher Paquin, 23, were getting drunk at an apartment complex in Grants, New Mexico, and binge watching The Walking Dead on Netflix last Thursday. At some point during their marathon TV watching, Perry alleges Paquin “began to change into a zombie” and was about to bite him so he attacked him.

Police said Perry brutally beat his friend to death with an electric guitar and microwave and stabbed him with a knife.

Police were initially called to the apartment complex after receiving a 911 call in reference to a man chasing a woman around an apartment complex with a knife. Perry was tackled and subdued by two maintenance workers before he could harm the woman, and they held him until police arrived.

He's been charged with an open count of murder and is being held at the Cibola County Detention Center.