It sounds like a scene from a horror movie but in an Albuquerque home it was reality. 

Bernalillio County deputies were called out on what seems to be a domestic violence call but when they showed up to the home near Goff and Arenal Saturday night, it looked okay from the outside but they could not believe their eyes when they proceeded to go inside the home.

They found a bloody victim passed out on a couch and what seemed to be a torture area set up in the garage. A camcorder was set up to capture the scenes of torture alongside a counter with a claw hammer, a taser, scissors, and bloody drag marks all over the floors.

Bland's girlfriend who called police was being held against her will while the suspect, Marcel Bland tortured the victim for more than a day. Bland claimed the victim owed him money while deputies observed blood splatter all over the walls of the garage.

Bland is a repeated felon and was arrested on the scene. He was arrested for aggravated battery and false imprisonment and is currently in prison on a $100,000 cash only bond.