So, the folks at "Time & Leisure" Magazine compiled some pretty interesting lists, from most attractive people to best hamburgers and one of New Mexico's cities made the list! I wouldn't be too flattered!

What city you ask? Santa Fe! For what?....wait for it, wait for it....Strangest People! New Orleans is first, ahead of Santa Fe, then Austin, Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco. I guess the 60 year old grandma who repeatedly stabbed her boyfriend over a monopoly game helped that list!

Other lists include, Most Attractive People:  San Juan, Puerto Rico, the top five actually in the U.S. were:  San Diego, Miami, L.A., Denver, and Honolulu.  Least Attractive:  Anchorage, Alaska.  Baltimore, Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Washington, D.C. round out the bottom five.

Best Nightlife:  New Orleans beat out Las Vegas, New York City, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Chicago.  Worst Nightlife:  Salt Lake City finished just below Anchorage, Dallas/Fort Worth, Orlando, and Phoenix.

And if it's the best burger you want hit up Providence, Rhode Island finished first, ahead of Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Worst Hamburgers:  Anchorage came in last, below Miami, Honolulu, Atlanta, and Dallas/Fort Worth!

Did you're hometown make the list? Go check it out!