A study has confirmed what El Pasoans have known all along; New Mexicans are among the worst drivers in the United States. The Land of Enchantment was rated the state with the second worst drivers in the nation.

The analysis conducted by the website Car Insurance Comparison ranked all 50 states using factors such as fatalities rate per 100 million miles driven, the percentage of fatal crashes that involved things like speeding and alcohol, and bike and pedestrian deaths.

New Mexico’s 10th place ranking in the Drunk Driving category and 5th place in Careless Driving contributed heavily to its overall ranking of #2.

Texas drivers didn’t fare much better. Like New Mexico, the Lone Star State was also in the top 20 in every category, resulting in an overall ranking of #4. The worst offense for Texas is drunk driving, where we were the 6th worst on the list.

The state with the worst drivers is Montana. Minnesota was determined to have the best drivers in the U.S.