Jimmy and Betty Anderson of Clovis were out delivering the Clovis News Journal's Sunday Edition, when it started to snow heavily and they tried to turn around and go home.


Credit: Irina Igumnova

But it wasn't that easy. The couple couldn't see a thing between the heavy snow and forceful winds. Next thing you know their Ford Fusion drifted into a ditch along Curry Road 6, a two-lane road about four miles from Clovis.

it was 8:30 p.m. and Jimmy was confident someone would be able to help them, and they did. only it was about 20 hours later. After about midnight the engine of their vehicle gave out and their only source of heat was climbing into the same seat together with a small blanket trying to keep warm. As the temps dipped into the teens, Betty began to get very scared but Jimmy was calm and kept her confident that help would come.

Several rescue crews tried to save the Anderson's but failed because the snow was so heavy they couldn't see and not to mention their small car was hidden now by 12 foot snow drifts. But finally a bulldozer, that almost crushed them in the process, was able to find them and they were saved. The couple was taken to an area hospital and treated for their injuries including hypothermia.