Times are changing as the $10 bill will get a new face with the first woman ever to be featured prominently on U.S. currency.

According to Jack Lew, Secretary of the Treasury, the decision was supposed to have been made at the end of last year, but with an overwhelming response from the public they have been taking their time to make a decision.

Since 1929, Alexander Hamilton has been the face of the $10 bill and its new modern design will be the first in a series of redesigns intended to help stop counterfeiting.

Lew has also stated that Alexander Hamilton will not disappear from the $10 bill completely and will still be part of the currency in some way and the $5 and $20 bills will also see changes in the next few years. And while no living person can appear on U.S. currency, the popular female candidates to appear on the $10 bill at this time are Susan B. Anthony, Mary Washington and Harriet Tubman.