There is nothing more fun that staying up until midnight on New Year's Eve, especially if you're a kid. But if you're the parent of a kid, you probably just want them to go to sleep so you can crack open your bottle of champagne without a rugrat running around! Netflix has figured out a way to let your kids have their New Year's Eve celebration early, so you can bundle them off to bed and get the adult party started!

Netflix put together a 3 minute countdown that you can download and play whenever you want the beasties in your house to wind down. Some people say it's not fair to the kiddos because they shouldn't be lied to about what time it really is. I say, lie your butt off! New Year's Eve is like Las Vegas - it's for adults only.

So, give the monsters a cup of hot chocolate, fire up the Netflix countdown, let the kids scream '3, 2, 1 Happy New Year', and put them to bed with plenty of time to slip into your little black dress and pop the cork on that bottle of champagne!