Ladies, do you want your husband to do more around the house?! How about get a little bit more romantic?! Now...there's an app for that!

The Husband Motivator uses artificial intelligence to figure out the best way to get a husband to do household chores. 

Shelle Rose Charvet, who made the app says, quote, "The surprising thing is that most people don't know what motivates their soulmate." 

The app gives a wife a four-question quiz about her husband, and that's enough information to unlock the, quote, "hidden triggers that motivate him."  

Women are given short video tips and a word-for-word script they can read to their husband.  Giving a who new meaning to online tutorials. The Husband Motivator can get your husband to perform in any number of areas, including: Chores, child care and family activities, and also spice up intimacy, from sex to talking about issues.