Sometimes when I go to the gym, I need something to put me into the mood to attack that Stairmaster for 30 minutes (okay let's be honest 20 if we're lucky). Well, the Victoria's Secret Angels are here to help. 

Victoria's Secret released their 2015 swimsuit line and want ladies to be ready to "own the beach." This is how they described their new swimsuit collection,

The bikinis are teenier,

the straps are strappier,

the cuts are cheekier.

This is Swim '15.

And boy, were they serious about them being tinier! If you ever needed some motivation to work even harder at the gym, so you are ready for swimsuit season this is the video for you! Especially during a month when people are rushing the gym, to keep their New Year's Resolutions, this could help you last longer than the others. Check out this video and the new Victoria's Secret swimsuit collection.