The 18-year-old who robbed a Wells Fargo bank earlier this week probably thought he was super cool and got away with the cash he needed to keep up his cap collection.  He didn't count on law enforcement hearing from a lot of people who wanted him to pay for his little trip down Crime Street! FBI

The FBI Violent Crimes Task Force said they arrested 18 year old Joseph Isaac Ward on Wednesday night after they got a number of anonymous tips about the robbery at the Wells Fargo bank on Transmountain Tuesday morning.

Ward is scheduled to be in federal court this afternoon, because bank robbery is a felony, kids, and you'll do federal time for it.  That means whatever prison time you're given, you'll do.  Ward is expected to be charged with one count of armed bank robbery.

Ward walked into the bank on Tuesday and brandished a weapon that was tucked in his pants to a teller and demanded cash.

It's not known how much he got away with, but because he had one stupid moment, his life could be ruined.  A felon at 18 years old.  For heaven's sake....