House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was holding a press conference to announce that she was staying on in her position today, when she got what she considered an inappropriate question from a reporter. . .

Luke Russert - the son of legendary Meet The Press host, Tim Russert, and a well known reporter in his own right - was at the news conference when he asked Nancy Pelosi this:

Needless to say, the exchange is getting a lot of press.

Being an old fart myself, I can see both sides of this.  There is always someone younger who is up and coming behind you - I'm lookin' at you, Patty Campos - who is just waiting to kick the walker out from under you and take your job.  But should we make way for them, or should we trip them as they try to step over us?

Well, I just have one thing to say - old age and treachery will beat out youth and vigor every time!  So watch your back, Luke Russert.

And you, too, Patty Campos!

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And stop being so damned cute!