Next to the grave of Lee Harvey Oswald is a headstone simply inscribed “Nick Beef,” which has bewildered all of those who have visited the Fort Worth, Texas gravesite for many years.

However, the mystery behind Nick Beef has been solved. It turns out that the 56-year-old man is alive and well and living in New York of all places.

The elusive Nick Beef is actually a man by the name of Patric Abedin, who bought the cemetery plot next to Oswald’s back in 1975 for $17.50 down and 16 monthly installments of $10.

Although Abedin says he isn’t exactly sure what prompted him to make the purchase when he was just 18-years-old, he admits that it’s possible it has something to do with sitting on the shoulders of a military police officer at the age of six, and getting to see President Kennedy drive by the day before he was shot.

In 1997, Abedin purchased a burial marker to meet the exact dimensions of Oswald’s with the simple inscription of Nick Beef. He says that he has no intention of ever being buried there.